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Your journey to a balanced life

Welcome to Hopeful Health!

You may be surprised that I’m greeting you with such excitement when you may have just been newly diagnosed with a new condition that currently has you feeling like your life is about to be completely different or you have had a diagnosis for awhile and you feel like it’s sucking the life out of you. And if you too are a business person like myself, or desire to live to your full potential, it’s keeping you from having the impact you want to have.

However, I am so glad you’ve found Hopeful Health because I’m here to tell you that you may have just been diagnosed with a condition, or perhaps you’ve had a diagnosis for awhile like myself, but your life of balance is just beginning! You can read more about my story with type 1 diabetes here.

My guess is that you’re searching for a balanced life because this label you have came with additional medications and an overwhelming feeling of defeat. You’re probably searching for an alternative and hoping to find some silver lining during this time, and I am confident that I can help you see that light and visualize a label-free life of normality!

When you look at your life now, the areas that mean the most to you may be looking like this:

  • Happiness 25%
  • Freedom 10%
  • Normality 5%
  • Confidence 30%
  • A dream life 5%

 And in reality, you deserve a balance life that let’s you experience :

  • Happiness 100%
  • Freedom 100%
  • Normality 100%
  • Confidence 100%
  • A dream life 100%

If I’m honest with you, living that balanced life is way easier than you think.

You need the following  3 things to reach your full potential and the life that you desire:

The Right Mindset

Your new life, or better yet, the life you loved to live before you were given this label, starts here. You must remind yourself each day that you are not your label and you are not alone on this journey. There are so many of us who are on this diagnosis journey, and that’s why you need a community and accountability partners that can help you stay in a positive mindset.

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The right food

Food can either heal or enhance sickness and complications. Foods that allow you to live the normal life you want do not have to be boring and gross, you simply just have to learn and understand how easy and delicious meals that fuel you can be! I promise you that you can live a balanced life without eating chicken and broccoli for every meal!

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Moves you love

A little movement goes a long ways. Many people think that you must go hard, or not do anything at all. Small movements, even just walking a little each day, along with having the right mindset and foods that fuel, is enough to allow you to begin living beyond your label.

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Life is a journey and you have an incredible journey ahead of you, I just know it. Having a label placed on your life is not the end, and because you are HERE, your dream-filled journey is just beginning!