Hope Mangiafico: My purpose

First, I’m here because most likely, you and I are similar. I live with type 1 diabetes and I’d be lying if I told you it was always rainbows and puppies. For a long time, I hid behind that label. Perhaps you also live with a diagnosis, or maybe you live or hide behind other labels, such as your job or what others may say about you. No matter what it is, you must find a balance between health, work, family and living life.

The good news is you can do that and live the life you love. Everything can be integrated together and designed so that you can be the best version of you possible and fulfill what you are called to do.

Who knows, maybe that’s a new career that you never even knew existed 🙂  No matter what it is, I know you deserve the life you desire and I want to bring you a fun approach to being more than a label and finding joy in life!

Jennifer T.: Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

“Hope has become an essential part of my life. She has transformed me. I was noticeably loosing muscle mass, overweight and having back problems. Since finding Hope I have lost 30lbs., gained more muscle than I have ever had, and my back problems have all but disappeared. Once I added the nutrition programs Hope offers, my progress accelerated.  I have confidence, feel a sense of achievement and am more stress free. It is an empowering process.”

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Stephen H.: Pole vaulter, coach, dad, pursuing life-balance

“I’m a super picky eater but Hope has helped me overcome those barriers. Although Hope has helped me since I was diagnosed 10 years ago, I now have a little girl and wife to live for, so I have a new purpose for my life. My family thanks Hope for all she is doing and if my daughter could talk, she’d say thank you. If I have more questions, I will always go to Hope.”

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Melissa S.: Life-loving optimist living beyond type 1 diabetes

“Hi Hope just wanted to share with you it has been an awesome sugar day and no rapid acting insulin today first time ever!!!! Thank you for what you are doing absolutely life changing!!!!!”

Melissa before and after (2)

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Will L.: Athlete living beyond type 1 diabetes

“Will’s A1C has always hovered between 8-8.6. For 9 years! So 7.2 is a HUGE accomplishment! Typical morning blood sugars for Will used to be about 150-200 before breakfast, the they’d shoot up to the high 200s to mid 300s & sometimes stay that way for 3 hrs. I felt like we were always playing catch up! Things have been sooooo much better recently. And Will even told me that he feels better when his BGs aren’t swinging high to low & all over the place. He’s finally getting it!”

– Jaime L. (Will’s mom)

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